Amber Alert for lost pets

Have you pet run away? Ben Alert can help you with the search effort to find your lost pet. Ben Alert was created as a way to alert the public about lost pets in their area, much like an Amber Alert does for missing children.


Lost Pet Alerts Whenever a pet is reported lost with Ben Alert, an alert is pushed to the device of anyone near the location of the lost pet. The Ben Alert user simply taps the notification to open the Ben Alert app directly to the information for the lost pet.
Lost Pet Info Ben Alert displays a photo of the lost pet along with all the pertinent details people need to know when searching for your pet. This includes the pet's name, species, breed, coloring, etc.
Poster You can download and/or email a custom "Lost Pet" poster with the photo and details of the lost pet. These are one page PDF's ideal for printing and posting around the area of the lost pet.
Follow a Lost Pet With a Ben Alert account, you'll be able to "follow" a lost pet. You'll then receive push notifications directly on your iOS or Android device whenever someone reports a new sighting or posts a new message about the lost pet.
Messaging You'll be able to send and receive messages about the lost pet. Whenever someone posts a new message about a lost pet you are following, you'll receive a notification on your device.
Sightings All sightings reported for a lost pet can be viewed on a map. Each sighting will have a pin on the map, which, when tapped, will show the details of that sighting. A line will depict the path the lost pet has taken between sightings.
Search Parties For any lost pet you are following, you can select to notify everyone of your current location. Your location will then appear on a map along with everyone else that is sharing their location. This is very useful when conducting an organized search so everyone knowns where everyone else is during the search.
Lost Pets Nearby At any time, you can view a list of all the pets reported lost near your location.
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Ben Alert is available as an app for both iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) as well as Android devices.

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