Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why am I getting an error downloading Ben Alert from the App Store? If you are receiving an error in the App Store when attempting to download Steam Desk, you can get the issue resolved by going to iTunes Store Customer Support.
What do I do if I have billing or purchasing issues with Ben Alert? To resolve billing or purchasing issues, you can get your issue resolved at iTunes Store Customer Support.
Why does Ben Alert want to use my location? Ben Alert uses your current location in a number of ways. If you report a sighting of a lost pet, Ben Alert can use the location data from your device to plot your exact location on the sightings map so everyone can know exactly where you saw the lost pet. Your location can also be used if you participate in a search party. If you share your location, everyone else searching for the lost pet will be able to see where you are so you can more effectively coordinate your search efforts.

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